Our specialist experience means more focused attention for you and your business

Specialist knowledge of an industry is hugely helpful when it comes to understanding the challenges faced by business owners – especially in the unpredictable economic climate in which we all operate these days. And it’s our determination to get to the core of an industry that sets us apart as accountants. Most firms just check the numbers and tick the boxes. On the other hand, you’ll recognise that Burgis & Bullock also want to understand the influences – economic, cultural, geographic and historical – that impact your business, so you get meaningful advice that helps you achieve more profits and more growth.

Here are just a few of the industries which currently benefit from Burgis & Bullock’s specialist knowledge and expertise:


Including Doctors, dentists, consultants and opticians


Including builders, building contractors, civil engineers, property developers and investors


Including automotive, aerospace, electrical, mechanical and geotechnical


Including financial systems, designers, games and mobile technology


Accounting Services for schools converting to Academy status, colleges, existing academies, nurseries etc.


Including social care, medical services, research, local and national

Professional Services

Including lawyers, architects and quantity surveyors

Accountants’ Outsourcing

We offer specialist support to other firms of accountants on a non-compete basis, including Audit, Hard Tax, VAT, Corporate Finance and Wealth Protection

If your business is in one of these sectors and you’re not currently getting the service you and your business deserve from your current accountants, you should talk to Burgis & Bullock. You’ll discover boundless enthusiasm for your business and in-depth knowledge of your industry – a combination that often leads to a great relationship and improved results.

If your business isn’t in one of these sectors, don’t worry! You’ll still get the same in-depth attention and support, whatever your business! And you’ll soon recognise that the expertise shown in one sector almost always converts to expertise in another.

For more information please feel free to either contact one of our team or alternatively, contact us here.


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