Enhanced Management Reporting

Performance Analysis and Reporting

In a larger business the Financial Controller (FC) has the task of extracting data and generating reports for management. The Finance Director (FD) then works with the Board of Directors to make financially sound decisions and to keep the management team on track.

The FC function typically takes between 2 and 4 days each month, but let’s face it, no-one wants to spend time crunching the numbers when the real value lies in the discussion that takes place after raw data has been converted into meaningful management information.

Burgis and Bullock are you Financial Controller (FC), extracting raw data and generating highly detailed, accurate management reports in near real time so you and your team can focus on making better and more timely decisions based on comprehensive management Information.

If you need more help, our part-time FD service is perfect for those who need more than a basic bookkeeping function, but don’t yet need a full time FD.

Performance vs Forecast

Every business needs a plan, but all too many need help because left to their own devices, they struggle and fail to develop a plan for themselves, or for their business, and in the words of Lewis Carroll…

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

Let’s face it, without the right help many businesses struggle to put together a forecast and even those that do frequently manage to get to the point where they can regularly report, review and refine and adjust their performance against plan.

Burgis and Bullock can do all of the hard work for you, to help you understand and plan for your future. As you work through the process with your BURGIS AND BULLOCK Accountant, you will realise how much more we can do to help you on your journey so success becomes easy…

Detailed Analysis and Reporting to create plans and forecasts, giving you everything you need by way of Management Information Reporting and Analysis. Perfect for any business, especially those who need more than a basic bookkeeping service, but don’t need full time FD.

Forecasting, Planning and Funding

Every business needs a robust plan, whether it is to get a loan, raise equity, sell the business or even more important, to have a plan and a vision for your future and to know where you are on your journey to success.

Whilst creating a robust Forecast is key to business management and control, you are likely to need help, and if applying for a loan, it helps if you know what the Banks and Lenders look for…
This is where we can help. Burgis and Bullock make the process of forecasting and planning quick and easy, (based on our knowledge of exactly what Banks and lenders are looking for when they assess a Funding Proposal

Burgis and Bullock produce incredibly comprehensive forecasts and where needed, we generated highly detailed Funding Proposals that fully comply with the lending professions best kept secrets, the CAMPARI methodology. Applying for a loan without understanding CAMPARI, is like trying to answer an exam without knowing the questions.

If you want help to achieve your goals, be that buying or selling your business, raising finance, or perhaps most important of all, getting a good grip on where you are right now, and managing your greatest asset, your business, we can help.

Business Growth Scenario Planning

There is no magic bullet, no miracle cure, no big secret, long term success is inevitable if you consistently make small changes, monitor the results, make sure the impact is positive, and keep repeating the process.

Some input ‘Drivers’ have a much greater impact on the outputs ‘Results’ so given the choice; you would be best to focus on the inputs that have the greatest impact. We can help you answer this question by assisting with Scenario Planning and we can frequently provide this free of charge, either before you become a client, or as a standard part of the service.

Quickly and easily gain understanding of the business potential you could achieve in your business. Use the Business Growth Model to experiment with various combinations of input driver to see what the impact would be on your profitability and Business Value.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business, raising finance, or just interested in finding out a little more about us, our friendly team are ready to work with you. Click here and we will be happy to arrange a free, no-obligation meeting.

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