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Burgis & Bullock are always there if I need help and I don't feel like I'm interrupting anything. They do all our accounts so it's benefited us in that sense as I don't' have to worry about doing accounting and such.
Name:Helen Smit
Job Title:Funeral Director / Secretary
Company:W Goodwin & Sons
Town:Leamington Spa
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Audit, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll
Burgis & Bullock are friendly and they respond to enquiries. They've helped me in the past when I needed help. I chose Burgis & Bullock because at the time I went to someone who had a farming accountants and it was a good established name locally.
Name:Norma Bryson
Job Title:Partner
Company:R & NJ Bryson
Town:Leamington Spa
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Payroll, Personal Tax & Finance
Everyone we deal with at B&B are fabulous, from Ann on reception, Sue for our payroll services, Nigel for directors paperwork, Jack for taking ownership of our accounts for year end/ad hoc queries, Anne Ross for R&D chats/information, Sean for championing Xero/hosting education and network sessions, Eamonn for advising/looking after our personal future along with the self assessment team. Also we mustn't forget Trevor and Sharon for guiding and looking after us when we started business 16 years ago. B&B have a great pool of talent and work hard in growing their employees, over the years we have seen the team excel and that has given us confidence in remaining using the services on offer. We have learnt a lot from B&B and feel we run a better business knowing we have their support and guidance whenever needed, they keep us on track, up to date and in the 21st century!
Name:Rachel Conlon
Job Title:Finance/HR Director
Company:Axis 3 Design Limited
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Cloud Accounting, Corporate Finance, Payroll, Personal Tax & Finance
Burgis & Bullock are very friendly, very efficient, and whenever I contact them there's always a response immediately. They give me helpful advice and feedback about how the business is doing, breakdowns etc. and what I need to keep my eye on. When I first started this business there was an ad for Johnathan Meredith who worked there at the time, offering a free consultation and I was in a very sticky place. I had that meeting and he was brilliant, and he was our accountant until he retired. He was so full of good advice; holding my hand, getting me started in business and sorting my problems. That level of service has continued since he retired. I've always had really helpful bookkeepers. You get personal service with them which is good.
Name:Jean Randle
Job Title:Owner/Director
Company:Puddleducks & P.O.S.H. Limited
Town:Leamington Spa
Service(s) Provided:
I like that Burgis and Bullock are approachable, efficient, and friendly. They explain things in simple terms that I can understand. We're just winding up the business at the moment as we're retiring, but we wouldn't have managed the last nearly 20 years without their help. I only worked with a few other accounting firms and Burgis & Bullock are head and shoulders above the rest. They never talk down to us, no question has ever been too stupid, and they keep things simple.
Name:Adrienne Mitchell
Job Title:Director
Company:ASM Public Relations Limited
Town:Leamington Spa
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Cloud Accounting, Audit, Tax Planning, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll, Personal Tax & Finance
I think Burgis & Bullock are generally approachable; normally if you have an enquiry or issue they get back to you very quickly. I use a full range of different services with them which has been interesting: General accounting advice, auditing the business, tax advice, as well with selling the business, so it's been nice to be able to do all of that with one company that knows and understands our business. The advice has been very clear and has helped us to make good decisions with different aspects of what we've done within the business. Generally the advice we've had has been very sound. Having worked with other businesses who've had complaints about their accountants I think in general we've had a very good experience with Burgis & Bullock.
Name:Ron Myers
Job Title:Director
Company:Consulting Room
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Cloud Accounting, Audit, Tax Planning, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll, Personal Tax & Finance
I've dealt with them for 20 years. They do the accounts and whenever I've had ideas I've wanted to bounce off them they've always helped me. We know each other. I swapped once and came back to them.
Name:Frank Holt
Job Title:Owner
Company:Arrow Engineering Supply Company Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Tax Planning, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll, Personal Tax & Finance
I like the personal touch; it feels like you're dealing with a person not with a firm. Working with Burgis & Bullock has benefited our business immeasurably; I doubt we'd be where we are now if it hadn't been for their support at the beginning. Burgis & Bullock give us piece of mind knowing that they're there when we need them. I believe my predecessor chose them based on a recommendation.
Name:Andrew Sutton
Job Title:Managing Director
Company:Katronic Technologies Limited
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Business Coaching, Corporate Finance, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll
I like the communication, and the ideas they put forward. I'm in a peer networking group that Burgis & Bullock arranged and I'm really enjoying it. If I have any questions Burgis & Bullock always answer clearly and to my understanding without a load of jargon. My business has greatly benefited from working with Burgis & Bullock; we were a new business when we started, and are now in our fifteenth year and still growing strongly. I used to be a bank manager and already had a relationship with Burgis & Bullock so when I started my own business I chose them as our accountant.
Name:Angela Bourchier
Job Title:Secretary
Company:Moserve (Rugby) Limited
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Cloud Accounting, Payroll, Personal Tax & Finance
Burgis & Bullock are very approachable, they're local, and I've been with them since 1997. They've got a great reputation in the area. We sell businesses and they have given me a couple of leads of businesses wanting to sell over the years.
Name:Tim Bayley
Job Title:Managing Director
Company:Bayley Consulting Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax
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