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I like the people, the personalities, and they've been there a long time, particularly Trevor was with us a long time then Dale took over from him; it's nice to have the continuity. They also respond very quickly if you send them an email. In the very beginning we were with a company that charged us a lot of money and Burgis & Bullock were able to reduce our costs significantly and give us the same, or better, service. They've always been proactive in advising us when we have a new venture and ask their opinion; they always help us in that way.
Name:Kathy Moores
Job Title:Managing Director
Company:Fosse Data Systems
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Cloud Accounting, Business Coaching, Tax Planning, Payroll, Personal Tax & Finance
It's a personal service and it's prompt. Over the years working with Burgis & Bullock has greatly benefitted us. The peer group had many different types of businesses and you pick up different things from all the different businesses so I learned stuff from it and it was beneficial. I've only worked with one other accountant, going back a lot of years, and Burgis & Bullock are measurably better, streets ahead.
Name:Bryn Evans
Job Title:Managing Director
Company:Trinity Xtras
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Cloud Accounting, Business Coaching, Personal Tax & Finance
They've been fine
Name:Ian Murgatroyd
Company:Oxford Fiber Limited
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax
It's become very personal and very friendly so it's like dealing with friends. We've found a stable partner to work with which obviously does benefit us. We've worked with Burgis & Bullock for the last twenty years.
Name:David Chapman
Job Title:Managing Director
Company:Eckold Limited
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Cloud Accounting, Business Coaching, Audit, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll, Personal Tax & Finance
I would say that there's no nonsense with Burgis & Bullock; you give them a simple instruction and they just get on with it. They're not trying to do a sales pitch or anything, just giving us exactly what we want. We had another firm of accountants we had to sack and moved back to Burgis & Bullock. Working with Burgis & Bullock has benefitted us as it takes away the pressure. Tax returns, VAT, payroll, they just take it all away from us, ask us some initial questions and just get on with it, so it saves us time as we're not having to get involved in it all the time.
Name:Preya Gohil
Job Title:Finance Partner
Company:LDJ Solicitors
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Audit, Tax Planning, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll, Personal Tax & Finance
I find Burgis & Bullock very responsive. I deal with Jack, and nothing is too much trouble for him. If I ask for something he doesn't know he finds someone who does; I like that "can do" attitude. From my perspective (I'm a one man show) they're supportive, help me with tax returns, filing VAT returns etc.; without them I don't think I would function. I've had a great experience with Burgis & Bullock.
Name:Gordon Graham
Job Title:General Manager
Company:First Sensor Technics Limited
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Audit, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll
I think everybody is so approachable; when you ring up the receptionists are fabulous and really friendly. They always get back to you. I've had good experiences there. Working with Burgis & Bullock has provided peace of mind as much as anything. Our original bank manager recommended them to us as they wanted us to have a good accountant, and that's the experience we've had. We used them quite extensively; it was a nursery so it was quite stressful without doing the accounts as well. We used to do our own accounts but passed everything to Burgis & Bullock and they did it all for us. We never considered changing over the twenty years we were with them as a business.
Name:Lucy Robinson
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll, Personal Tax & Finance
Burgis & Bullock are quick to reply when you email them and they're always very helpful. If they can't find an answer straight away they go and find out. They're just generally helpful. They're not as expensive as our previous accountant. We use them not just for accountancy but for taxation advice, and we're merging at the moment so we're going through the Leamington Spa office and they're very efficient. They explain things to our level.
Name:Mollie White
Job Title:Secretary
Company:R & T Ensor Farmers Limited
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Audit, Tax Planning, Personal Tax & Finance
I think I'd have to say that what stands out is the people: any service can only be delivered properly by the correct people, and I think both on the audit side, and the man accounting side they have a well qualified, helpful, and professional team. They offer two lines of service for us, management accounting support and audit. On the management accounting side it probably saves us money as we don't have to pay for a full time accountant, so there's a financial benefit there. The particular accountant we use is very easy to get along with, as expressed by my whole team, not just myself. The fact that Burgis & Bullock are a small team rather than a big firm of accountants gives us a lot of direct contact and fast responses, particularly compared to some of the big companies.
Name:Dave Manion
Job Title:Managing Director
Company:Karl Dungs Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Audit, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll
Burgis & Bullock are willing to help; whatever issue we have, or the exciting new venture we're doing, they're happy to help and get on board. We have benefitted greatly from working with Burgis & Bullock: we have our management accounting with them now so it's professional which is great to be able to showcase, as we've been acquired in the last few months, so we needed to be able to show that information well. Burgis & Bullock are more helpful than our previous accountant.
Name:Katherine Frowen
Job Title:Director
Company:Intaforensics Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Tax Planning, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll, Personal Tax & Finance
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