Accountancy services and advice for the Not For Profit Sector

As a charity, what do you look for from your accountant?

Our Not-for-Profit team advises regional and national charities and other not-for-profit entities in the UK on tax, VAT and accounting issues, and provides a risk-based audit for many.

We know how important it is to have accountants who understand charity finances and that accounting requirements for charities are very different to those for commercial organisations. As a result, inadequately trained corporate accountants will not be able to advice you on your charity’s reserves policy, gift aid, partial exemption for VAT or raising finance.

As a firm that has enjoyed many years of working with charities, Burgis & Bullock understands what trustees look for from their accountant.

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Specialist services for
Not For Profit sector

To provide such effective service, our partners and staff devote time, commitment and expertise in understanding your charity and the issues which it faces.

Charity accounts and independent examination

You need professional advice from experienced accountants who have specific expertise in charities and not for profit organisations, both from an accounting and strategic point of view. You need advice and help which makes a positive difference to your fund-raising. A selection of the services we provide are as follows:

  • Prepare year end charity accounts in SORP format where required
  • Conduct independent examination on the accounts
  • Undertake audit of the year end accounts
  • Filing annual returns at Charity Commission and Companies House
  • Advice trustees on the requirements of trustees’ report
  • Corporation tax calculations and returns

Tax Planning

All of our advice is bespoke to your charity or not for profit organisation’s individual needs. Along with our charity audit specialists, our not for profit tax team also works closely with our specialist charity VAT consultancy team to give you a complete service.

Some examples of the common tax advice and support we offer are:

  • Gift aid and tax efficient income
  • Tax efficient structures and contracts
  • Property Transaction advice
  • Employment tax advice
  • Corporate and Trust Tax returns
  • VAT planning and advice
  • Partial exemption advice and assistance
  • Tax efficient giving

Corporate Governance

Increasingly, charities need to ensure their governance is beyond reproach and appropriate for their size and nature. That’s why charities’ governance procedures come under review, including:

  • The committee structure and terms of reference – procedures for identifying and managing conflicts of interest and related party transactions
  • Procedures for recruiting and training trustees, and ensuring the board has the appropriate range of skills
  • Procedures for assessing the effectiveness of the board
  • The relationship between the trustees and the chief executive.
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