What the Business Mastermind Group means to me – Sean Farnell

Whatever you want to achieve in business going forward, the Business Mastermind Group is here to help.

The strength of our group lies in the combined practical knowledge our members bring to the table and the openness with which this is shared.

Since launching 18 months ago it has been a great pleasure of mine to see our team grow and the feedback has been excellent.

As one of the leaders of this group, I am passionate about its development and take pride in its successes.

How can the Business Mastermind Group help me?

There are a number of key factors that make the Business Mastermind Group stand out from the crowd.

Our virtual board helps business owners share the load – we are supportive of each other and encourage sensible informed debate, giving you multiple viewpoints and ideas on how to solve any issue you may have.

Our business coaching is informative and practical, with no problem too big or too small to discuss in detail.

Recent discussions on topics such as forward planning, client satisfaction and business systems have yielded some interesting results and I am looking forward to hearing back on how these have helped members move closer to creating their ideal working environment.

Goal setting

The range of professionals we have on board at different stages of their career means that goal setting is a key topic that comes up often.

If you are starting out and want to learn more about how your business can grow, we have leaders with vast experience who can fill you in on their experiences and how they mapped out their success over the years.

If the goals you set yourself are skill-based, the range of professions we have on board means you will never be short of some advice on how to grow personally.

Seeing members of our team realise their goals and contributing some of that success back to the Business Mastermind Group is hugely rewarding for me personally.

Inspirational speakers

While our group already contains a huge variety of expertise and unique business stories, hearing new points of view is crucial to its growth.

We have brought in inspirational speakers from major organisations such as Google and LinkedIn over recent months, who have fascinated the group and left a lasting impression.

The next Business Mastermind Group session will be held at Burgis & Bullock’s Waterloo Place office in Leamington on July 18th from 1.00 pm, free tickets can be reserved here.


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