Business Mastermind Group feedback – ‘inspiring, strategic and substantial’

We have received some very kind words on the quality of our Business Mastermind Group since its launch.

We want to help all attendees grow their business by working on new ideas and skills in a friendly environment, so to hear back directly on the impact our sessions have had is a real boost.

To highlight the positive feedback we receive, we have compiled an anonymous collection of comments from satisfied group members and commented on each.



“We felt the first part was inspiring in terms of how to manage your time and your business. It was good to network as well; the people there were friendly and knowledgeable.”

Tara Forman, PA to Director at Dynamite FX

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is one of our key features and we are delighted that this was recognised.



It wasn’t a normal formatted networking meeting where people just pass cards like confetti backwards and forwards and ask to be referred to this company or that company. It was much more of a supported, strategic type, mastermind group.”

John Marks, Director at Call Handling Solutions

This is a great exam exactly the culture we have tried to cultivate and also what we have tried to avoid.


“What stood out about the event for me was the profile of the businesses that were in the room. These were small business but they were not micro businesses; they were substantial contributors to their regional economy.”

Peter Lisney, Director of Communications, Camrox

As well as being friendly and knowledgeable, our members are representing businesses making an economic impact regionally, creating jobs and pushing sectors forward. This is about bringing great minds together to help everyone involved and we couldn’t do that without welcoming the best of the best.


Our next Business Mastermind Group meeting is on Thursday, July 18th and we are keen to meet open minded and ambitious entrepreneurs, business owners and senior managers.

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