Burgis & Bullock client completes £1 million renovation at historic church

A historic church undergoing a £1 million renovation project has reopened to the public after our client hit Mayway Construction a major milestone.

Holy Trinity Church, on Upper King Street, Leicester, has welcomed hundreds of worshippers through its doors for the first time since May after an upgrade to the inside of the building was completed.

The church was originally built in 1838 and the re-opening means the latest round of improvement works, which are usually carried out in some form every 30 years, is nearing completion.

The work, carried out by Coventry based Mayway Construction and funded through donations, saw the main worship area completely revamped with a balcony extension, new flooring, new lighting and sound equipment installed, as well as a major rebuild carried out of the stage area, including the removal of a 100 year old organ.

Mayway Construction is a Christian company which specialises in working with churches and Christian charities and has worked on over 100 individual ecclesiastical buildings to date.

l/r Sean Farnell, Burgis & Bullock, Reverend Canon John McGinley, Holy Trinity Church and Paul Tracey, Mayway Construction

The business has a long-standing relationship with Burgis & Bullock, with partner Sean Farnell visiting Holy Trinity Church to be given a tour of the renovations first hand by Reverend Canon John McGinley, alongside Mayway director Paul Tracaey.

Reverend McGinley said: “We are absolutely delighted with how the project has turned out, we really feel like we have made a huge step forward.

“We want our church to be a place which people have confidence in, somewhere they want to visit to be with God.

“This renovation has not only done that, it has created so much extra usable space throughout the entire building, we have rooms that can help us look after the homeless over winter now, we have an upgraded kitchen where we can prepare food and we have space to open up our facilities to the public.

“This is perhaps the biggest project we have ever taken on and to have been able to reopen our doors to the public after eight months was incredible, we had around 600 people attend our re-opening and everyone was impressed with the work.”

Mayway Construction is also set to oversee the installation of a new roof at the site, complete with 114 solar panels, starting in 2019.

Paul Tracey, director, said: “This was a really unique project for us, we work with a lot of churches but it is rare that we get to renovate such a historic building to this degree, while maintaining the integrity of the structure.”

Sean Farnell, partner at Burgis & Bullock, said: “Mayway Construction are an excellent example of a construction company focusing on a particular market and building a strong reputation within that.

“The work they have carried out at Holy Trinity Church is remarkable and has really brought the building into the modern era.

“I am sure this is going to be a huge benefit to people in Leicester as a community.”

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