Your business beyond Brexit

Putting the perceived rights and wrongs of Brexit to one side, all businesses should be ready for a wide range of eventualities by now.

Brexit roulette

There is a never ending stream of conflicting stories flying around as to what will happen once we leave the EU but you have to look at things neutrally and think about what is best for your business using the facts that are available. Areas such as movement of goods, product compliance, contracts, financial planning and people are sure to be subject to changes, therefore there won’t be much chance of carrying on as normal, regardless of what industry you work in.

At Burgis & Bullock we encourage that you seek professional advice on confirmed changes to be sure you are compliant.

The key things to consider in relation to movement of goods include preparations for a new electronic customs system due to be implemented this year. Guidance has been published on the Government website on how to prepare for the Customs Declaration Service and HMRC have set up an EU Exit update service, which keeps you up to date with software required to comply with conditions. Other key areas are still being worked out and a simple compliance guide is not yet available to publish.

Some contracts may need to be renegotiated or terminated after the UK leaves the EU, businesses might need to consider how they track the nationality status of employees and ensure immigration compliance, while VAT and custom duties are sure to be affected.

There are many potential scenarios that Brexit could create but as a business it is key that you remain informed by trusted sources.

We have assisted our clients throughout the process so far and now we are entering perhaps the most crucial few months, so as we hopefully move towards some clarity on the future relationship it is more important than ever to block out the excess noise and seek the right advice.

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