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Auto Enrolment

Auto enrolment is here and you will have to enrol your workers in a pension scheme and both you and they will have to make contributions.

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Keep up to date with our accountancy blog, written with you in mind.

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Available for iPhone, iPad & Android, our App contains all the data you need to keep on top of ever changing tax rates and allowances, as well as convenient calculator tools at your finger-tips.

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Looking for a great Accountant?

Are you looking for a Midlands based firm of accountants that always gives you and your business the understanding you deserve? An approachable and efficient firm that takes the time to assess the complexities of your business, provide tailor-made solutions and deliver outstanding service?

That’s exactly what you get with Burgis & Bullock...

Budget Report 2014

Click here to review George Osborne's 2014 Budget Report

"At last – accountants who take the time to understand my business!"

Are you tired of working with accountants who don’t understand your business? Have you outgrown them - or have they outgrown you?
Do you need more strategic help to break through to the next level?
Is the current economic climate causing you concerns?

Then maybe it’s time to think about a change. Come and talk to us… You’ll be surprised at how quickly Burgis & Bullock can help you move in the right direction.

In tough economic times you need your accountants to be on their toes, anticipating your needs.

It’s tough out there. Very tough. And it’s at times like these that you need your accountant to be proactive… anticipating your needs and helping you keep an eye on the critical business indicators; making suggestions on how you can improve your profitability.

Burgis and Bullock Great Midlands Accountants

Burgis & Bullock are West Midlands Chartered Accountants who don't just offer basic accounting services. You also receive professional advice on how to grow your business, fund your retirement, build and protect your assets and most importantly, pay less tax.

Burgis & Bullock win top financial advisory awards... More