There’s no substitute for financial advice

financial planning

A recent article in the Mail on Sunday by Jeff Prestridge extolled the virtues of obtaining independent financial advice.

Demand for advice is likely to increase as retirement plans become more complex, fuelled by the changes to State Pensions, the increases to retirement ages and diminishing contributions by big employers.  Added to this people want to make better use of the money they have and the banks are retreating from giving independent advice.

The article describes some case studies showing how good advice is essential.  A woman was able to plan for retirement with more confidence.  A man who was paralysed was able to generate sufficient income from a compensation payment to meet his immediate needs and to provide some stability of capital for the future. These stories are typical of the types of sometimes life-changing effects that good financial planning can achieve.

With reduced resources it is important to make your money work as hard as possible. 

It is vital to take a long term strategic view of your life and make suitable plans to maintain and protect your lifestyle.  Taking our advice can help you to steer through the complexities of modern finance. Our “lifetime cash-flow forecasting” model enables you to look at likely returns from income/investments as well as cost of living or care requirements as you get older but importantly also had the facility to build in a range of “what if” scenarios so that all eventualities can be planned for.

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*Wealth planning is provided through our Group company, Chapel Court Wealth Planning Ltd.

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