Starting a new recruitment and headhunting business, I knew I would be formidable in establishing operations, bringing on revenue and growing it to where it is today. What I didn’t appreciate, was that I was completely oblivious to the intricacies of accounting support I would need and what financial impact that lack of knowledge has the potential to have. I fully outsourced my accounting function from day one based on best cost and by year four, when I needed strategic financial direction for growth, I fell on deaf ears. I realised I had outgrown a cheap alternative and needed to bring some function in-house and appoint best-in-class. It wasn’t until I met with Sean and his team at Burgis & Bullock, did I fully appreciate how little benefit I was getting from a ‘cheaper’ accounting solution, compared to the completely priceless offering of business, growth and efficiency advice they provide. I now have a completely transparent 3-5 year plan achieving my revenue objectives and what feels like an internal CFO on hand whenever the need arises. B&B care about my business growing, they care about its profitability and they don’t shy away from giving insight, advice and support, beyond a normal practice accountants remit. I wish I would have invested in an accountant from day one. If I had, my businesses might well have been three to four times the size they are today. We live and learn.

Toni Dines
Boxtree Recruitment Ltd

We first engaged the services Burgis & Bullock at the very inception of the company in 1997 and we have been working together ever since. Trevor especially has been central in our growth and has guided us through the setting up of the company, several complicated projects and the difficult transition from being a distributor to becoming a manufacturer. As Trevor himself points out “‘I’ve really enjoyed being involved with Andrew, Karsten, Kate and the team and supporting them on their amazing journey. The strong relationship I have with them, combined with the expertise within Burgis & Bullock, has enabled us to support and advise them on every aspect of the business as it has grown and developed over the last two decades”. In order to celebrate this relationship and the impact that Trevor and his colleagues have had on our company we wanted to create this montage as part of our 20-year celebrations.

Andrew Sutton
Managing Director
Katronic Technologies Ltd

On behalf of us all here at the British Theater Dance Association, we should like to express our thanks for the service you have given us over the many years you have been our accountants. Our demands have been many and varied over the years and are becoming more complex as time goes on. The requirements for compliance with both the Charities Commission and Ofqual have tested us at times and we have been grateful for your counsel and practical solutions to problems. Your representation on our various Governance bodies and your knowledge and experience has been of a great assistance and comfort to both the management and trustees. In you expanded business and with the application of your Charities Team we sincerely hope that we shall be able to rely upon your good offices for many years to come.

Helen Mence
General Secretary
British Theatre Dance Association

Burgis & Bullock have been our accountants & auditors for a great many years – a testimony to their practice & to our complete satisfaction with all facets of their assistance to our firm throughout this time. For much of this time our main business was in the Motor trade, where our company grew to incorporate a number of businesses building a turnover well into eight figures. Value added tax was further complicated by being separately applicable to both new & used vehicle sales as well as to normal trading but Gill & her team ensured that we always kept abreast of the changing legislation. They were then particularly pro-active in managing the transition to our current property business was made seamlessly whilst fully meeting the changed vat conditions then applicable. We have found their guidance invaluable throughout & cannot fault their expertise & continued support.

Richard Soans
C.H.S Developments

I have known Gill for a number of years and her VAT knowledge is second to none. When dealing with clients she always adopts a practical and commercial approach and gets great results.

Jenny Marks
Tax Partner
Muras Baker Jones

This was an unusually complex international transaction involving seven different legal jurisdictions and spanning thirteen time zones. Simon Chapman and the Burgis & Bullock team guided us through the deal from start to finish and were always able to provide practical, commercial solutions to the various difficulties we encountered along the way. We would not have been able to get the MBO away without their support and insights and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Karl Thew
Cat Tech International Ltd

We are delighted with the content of the statement you have sent us. The information giving analytical information is first class, thank you. Finally, I will take this opportunity to commend and thank you for the high standard of professional services provided by you and the staff at Burgis and Bullock.

Mark Taylor
Managing Director
UK Rally Ltd

Thank you for your time, advice and help today. You were brilliant and a fount of knowledge and reassurance.

Julie Earls
Appoint Us Services Ltd

I would just like to put on record my gratitude for your help and support throughout the share sale. You have reacted in a thoroughly professional and unbiased way throughout. From my point of view, things have gone through very smoothly.

As I said the other day, getting Burgis & Bullock to do the monthly management accounts, was a big factor in the business prospering as it has, Liz has been a godsend, and represents a major asset of Burgis & Bullock in our view. Once again many thanks.

Alan Green

I have used Burgis & Bullock for a number of years as a valuable resource for corporate tax advice on behalf of my clients. Whether for a brief confirmation or detailed research for a report, Simon has always been readily available to deal with my queries in a timely and professional manner.

Recently I had a client MD who had been offered a MBO opportunity for his predominantly UK and European sub group of companies by the overseas parent company. Simon Chapman has been deeply involved in raising corporate finance and liaising with the parent to try and secure a successful outcome for all concerned. His prior knowledge of this industry, and more importantly his expertise in corporate finance activity, has been invaluable in this process.

I have no hesitation in recommending Burgis & Bullock as a resource to support any accountancy practice to enhance their ability to advise clients effectively over a broad range of specialist financial areas.

Andrew Baxter
Baxters Accountants

Sean and Burgis and Bullock have been my accountants for many years through three different companies, when the Delta merger was undertaken they were chosen as the accountant of choice to take the business through the merger and its subsequent rapid growth. They have always been exceptionally professional, helpful and knowledgeable in regards to all our requirements.

D Beck – Delta Financial Systems

Sean is quite simply one of the most ethical and client conscious accountants I have ever met and would recommend any SME or Corporate to join Sean at Burgis and Bullock.

E Boxall

As you know our previous auditors provided our accountancy requirements for a number of years so it was a big step for us to move the provision of these services to you. However, at the completion of your first audit, I would like to say how pleased I am.

I was expecting that your first audit would have been reasonably involved as your team also needed to compile system notes. However, compared with previous audits, your team was smaller, less obtrusive, completed the audit and final submission on our accounts more quickly and were generally more aware of our requirements. As far as I am concerned these improvements stemmed from the quality of your audit team – they were excellent.

I would like to thanks to you and your team for the support you have provided over the last year and believe we have set the foundation for a long and successful relationship.

George Morrow BA FCMA
Finance Director
The Engineering Technology Group Limited

Over the years we have found you to be an excellent asset to our company and you have had some excellent ideas and solutions to our problems. We have always found you to be efficient and approachable and somewhat unusually for accountants, have the ability to talk in sensible business terms, not just in accountant language.

John Taplin

Sean’s practice has been Automotive Management’s firm of accountants since we started the company in 1998. Sean provides us with large accountancy ideas and operations, without paying the high fees that large accountancy firm would charge. Their service is friendly and efficient, big enough to provide the complete range of services and with the partners and 3 offices they bring all the requirements that a modern business needs.

K Davis – Boss Automotive

GreenACT Ltd is a start-up company in the exciting and rapidly developing domestic renewable energy market. During the start-up phase, we’d managed our costs using Excel, which we’d built into a bespoke solution that was simple and met our needs at that time. A conversation with Nick Ingram led us towards Sage for a more structured and robust solution. We needed to put this platform into place and set it up to make the running of the business more transparent and more flexible ahead of the growth phase.

One of our challenges was to replicate the degree of project accounting that we’d developed on our in-house spreadsheet system; but we didn’t yet feel it was justifiable to jump straight into the more advanced version of Sage that has this capability out of the box.

I’ve always been a little nervous of commissioning advisory services from people: there’s a tendency to talk and not to do. We asked Nick to come along and advise on how to set up the system and get us started. It was one of the better decisions we’ve taken: it was efficient, focused and totally value-adding. As a result, we’ve been able to set up our accounts system in a way that lets us ‘tag’ transactions to jobs and see what costs each incurs, but without the burden of full project accounting. Nick also did an outstanding job in ensuring we knew how to use the package, as well as helping to configure it to our needs. Time & money well spent.

Peter Leith

Sean has been my accountant for over 12 years and throughout this time I have gone though many highs with success and also many lows with challenges with my businesses. Sean and his team throughout all of this time have been amazing and their advice, support and services have always been over all above what they promise. For the last three years I have had to put Seans services on hold however he has always responded to emails when I had a question for him. In the last few weeks once again Sean has gone out of his way to help me with my late tax return and amazingly he has helped me reclaim thousands of pounds I didn’t even know was due back to me. I will be soon using Burgis and Bullock once again for all my accountancy needs and would personally like to thank Sean for continuing to be so supportive. I would recommend any business owner to seriously consider using Burgis and Bullock as their accountancy firm.

Rachel Taplin

Our Business Builder Review meeting gave us a valuable opportunity to reflect on our overall strategy with someone who wasn’t closely involved in our industry sector. This helped us to identify new opportunities for growth and gave us some food for thought regarding where our time may be best spent in developing our business. I would recommend this as a valuable resource for any business.

Ron Myers
Aesthetic Business Services

We are delighted with the efficient and professional way you have handled our payroll and look forward to a continuous relationship for many years to come.

S Lewis

We have always found the tax advice given by B&B to be comprehensive, relevant to our needs and delivered in a timely manner. Simon has been invaluable in advising on specific points of detail in advanced tax planning matters enabling us to advise our clients with confidence on their preferred tax strategies.

We would not hesitate to recommend B&B to fellow professionals to assist them in providing good quality tax advice to their clients.

Teresa Johnson, MPD

How would you feel if someone gave you a golden egg? Gill and her team obtained a substantial refund of VAT from HMRC that I didn’t even know was available. All I had to do was bank the cheque.

Terry Crampton, Managing Director - Wootton Link Limited

I have worked with Sean for many years now, and have the utmost respect for the detail of work that is required for my business. I would recommend Sean and his team to any organisation looking for trustworthy, professional Accountants.

W Stroud – Voice 2 Voice

I have never been so happy. The only thing that I regret is not taking up the offer to see you sooner. My only problem over the last few year has been working so hard to just pay off the debt we seemed to accumulate last year to the VAT and knowing at the end we would probably have none or very little profit. Knowing there is no debt makes our lives easier, we just don’t like debt! Thanks a millions Sean, Andy was right you have sorted books and the debts out for us and we cant thank you enough. Our previous Accountant now seems like a bad dream we can forget.

Karen, Playtech

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all your help, support, knowledge and expertise to get our amazing result on Monday. Words cannot really express the enormous gratitude we feel for resolving our situation with HMRC, you two are worth your weight in gold!

Phil, Penny & Jeanette, Wren Pavillion

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