Tax, Lies and Videotape

Tax lies & videotape

On Monday 16 September Panorama showed another programme about tax avoidance. This time the focus was on tax advisors who HMRC believe continue to cross the line on acceptable tax planning ideas for their clients.

Tax has never been so high profile with the media as it is now. In addition to media and public interest, HMRC have been investing heavily in training more of their staff to be directly involved in investigations and reviews in an attempt to recover what they perceive as the gap between tax paid and that which could be expected to be due based on other economic indicators.

So where does all this leave the individual and company wanting to pay their correct share of tax, whilst organising their business in the most tax efficient manner?  At Burgis and Bullock we have specialists to help you through the complex area of tax planning. Tax legislation these days is more complex than ever before and the introduction of the GAAR, a general anti avoidance rule, has now to be considered as well.

We are committed to helping you and your business pay the right amount of tax. There remain many perfectly legitimate reliefs and allowances that can and should be maximised by a business. Normal commercial activities, particularly at a time of business change, should be reviewed for tax efficiencies and Burgis and Bullock can help you with this. Contact your local office or use our online form for an immediate response.

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