TAG Alliances Named the Fastest Growing Accounting Alliance in the World

TAG Alliances has been ranked as the 10th largest accounting alliance in the world by Accountancy Magazine in its 2018 survey.  Amongst the ranked firms, TAG Alliances saw the largest growth at 12.5% with global member revenues increasing to $4.5 billion in 2017 from $4 billion in the previous year.

Burgis & Bullock has been a member of TAG Alliances since 2011.  Simon Chapman, a corporate finance partner at Burgis & Bullock who is also the co-chair of the TAG Alliances Corporate and M&A Group commented, “We joined the alliance seven years ago in order to provide a seamless advisory and support service to our clients who do business overseas.  As TAG has expanded in its breadth and depth of resources we are now able to provide an international capability for audit, tax, and M&A that few of our competitors can match”.

This is the sixth consecutive year the TAG Alliances has been included in the rankings.  The alliance displaced Baker Tilly International from 10th place in the league table last year.

In addition to being one of the largest alliances in the world, TAG Alliances also distinguishes itself as one of the few multidisciplinary alliances for accountants.  Composed of TIAG® (The International Accounting Group), an alliance of independent accountancy firms, TAGLaw®, an alliance of independent law firms, and TAG-SP, a multidisciplinary alliance of strategic partners, TAG Alliances serves the full business needs of its members’ clients.

For further information about how Burgis & Bullock and TAG Alliances can help your business succeed internationally contact:

Simon Chapman

E: simon.chapman@burgisbullock.com

T: +44(0)1926 468705

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