IT & Telecoms

The flexible, reliable solution for your IT needs

Today, businesses rely on computer systems and IT to an ever increasing degree. Computers have made our lives simpler in many ways and vastly increased the number of tasks each of us can complete in our working day. That is, until something goes wrong!

Now, you can have 24/7 support for all your systems thanks to NetFlex, a flexible IT support plan. It can be called on as and when you need it, without you having to commit to a full support agreement.

NetFlex is a “points” based plan that can be used to address a wide range of IT related tasks. NetFlex points are available for any service, whether it’s support, installation, maintenance or configuration, on-site or off-site and gives you immediate access to our experienced and fully accredited Microsoft Gold engineers.

NetFlex also gives you peace-of-mind support with pro-active network monitoring. It actively monitors your servers for key areas of performance in real-time, including available disk space, backups, virus signatures, Windows updates etc.

Modern, Flexible VOIP Telecoms

Telecoms and IT go hand in hand in today’s ever changing technology world. There has been a convergence of IT and Telecoms over the past 5 years where business’ can utilise IT services to cut costs on telecoms. Getting rid of legacy phone systems, lines and even desktop handsets, is more real now than ever before. Not only can you save money, but productivity increases when both IT and Telecoms are one and the same. Call us today to find out how we can assist in Delivering Real Time Cost Reductions by Combing Voice Technologies and Delivering Voice to a Single Device of your Choice.

Our VoIP solutions can be bundled together, meaning we can provide you with voice, data, cloud and much more. This makes it easier for you as we tailor-make our services to meet your needs. As we get our services from all Major Networks, you can rest assured you’ll be receiving leading-class services that deliver results.

Find out why we believe a cloud accounting system and VOIP telecoms, will make your life easier and assist you in making those all important business decisions – here or contact Sean Farnell.


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