Business Growth Scenario Planning

There is no magic bullet, no miracle cure, no big secret, long term success is inevitable if you consistently make small changes, monitor the results, make sure the impact is positive, and keep repeating the process.

Some input ‘Drivers’ have a much greater impact on the outputs ‘Results’ so given the choice; you would be best to focus on the inputs that have the greatest impact.  We can help you answer this question by assisting with Scenario Planning and we can frequently provide this free of charge, either before you become a client, or as a standard part of the service.

The BURGIS AND BULLOCK Accountant’s Business Growth Model is the ideal solution.  Quickly and easily gain understanding of the business potential you could achieve in your business.  Use the Business Growth Model to experiment with various combinations of input driver to see what the impact would be on your profitability and Business Value.


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