Overhead Optimisation

Overhead Optimisation

When you have a ‘To Do’ list as long as your arm, it is not surprising if you are too busy to check and end up paying too much for the services you use.  If you want someone to help make you aware of the scope to make savings and help you realise these savings, we are here to help you.

We can’t all be expected to be experts in everything, and time is a precious commodity which is why Burgis and Bullock do all the ‘heavy lifting’, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of lower cost and better service.

What do Burgis and Bullock actually do to help?  By analysing every single line in every single invoice you pay, we identify and report to highlight opportunities for you on a management by exception basis.

Let’s take an example we can all relate to, Utilities.  The electricity that comes out of your socket is exactly the same no matter who supplied it, or how much it cost.  There is no such thing as premium electricity, which is strange when you consider some businesses are paying more than twice as much as others for this commodity.

By identifying the electricity suppliers, the trend and total paid, using a proprietary algorithm Burgis and Bullock do your Analysis and Reporting for you, so all you have to do is accept our help and realise the savings which we can also help you with in more ways than one.

For every Exception Report Burgis and Bullock generates we have worked hard to identify and vet quality suppliers you can trust to deliver an outstanding service

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