Pension Auto Enrolment – Regulator starts spot-checks

The Pension Regulator inspection teams will be visiting hundreds of businesses across the country over the coming months to check that staff are being given the workplace pensions they’re entitled to.


The Pensions Auto Enrolment regime started in 2012 and has been enacted on a sliding scale (based on number of employees) since that date with the last few employers having to comply this Summer.

From October 2017 all new employers will have Auto Enrolment duties immediately once their first member if staff starts work, and subject to the earnings bands and ages of employees, will have to make relevant deductions and contributions on behalf of their employees.

There are multiple fines and penalties for non-compliance (from financial penalties to criminal prosecutions) and the mechanism of notifications and record keeping can be complex. This announcement of spot-checks is an escalation in the regulatory oversight by the Pensions Regulator, and we expect that if they find significant numbers of breeches that frequency of visits will increase.

It’s vital that all employers fully understand their role and responsibilities under Auto Enrolment and Burgis & Bullock have been running regular briefings since 2013. If you would like information on your responsibilities and the practicalities of the Auto Enrolment regime contact your local office on 0845 177 5500 or use our on-line contact page.

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