New and improved Business Watch Alert System for Businesses in Warwickshire


The Police Warwickshire Business Watch email alert system has now been updated from VC Relay to the Community Messaging Service (CMS), and it brings with it a host of new features to enable you to tailor the messages you want to receive. Warwickshire County Council’s Business Crime Advisor along with colleagues in Warwickshire Police are currently auditing those that are on the old system to ensure that all members still receive messages if required.

As you can see below, there are 2 messaging systems that you can sign up to that will ensure relevant crime information for your area is circulated in a timely manner. You will receive similar messages from both so it is down to preference which one you receive information from, feel free to sign up to both. The 2 systems are detailed below.

Police Warwickshire Business Watch (CMS)

The email alert system has just been updated so if you were previously signed up to the Police Business Watch system and would like to continue to receive updates and messages again regarding crimes in your area, advice and tips on crime prevention please visit the Warwickshire Police website and click ‘Register for CMS’ in the top right hand corner. If you weren’t previously receiving messages you can also use the link to sign up.

Warwickshire Business Watch website

Alternatively, you can visit the Warwickshire Business Watch website and sign up via the link on the Homepage. The website also hosts an array of Advice Sheet and News on physical and cyber crime.

Keep Me Posted

The second messaging system is the Warwickshire County Council ‘Keep Me Posted’ Email Alerts which is a national government messaging system that enables the subscriber to receive any information that in this case is added to the Business Watch website. Information is delivered directly into your inbox on a range of topics from the local area but also nationally if requested. To sign up to the Business Watch alerts visit the link below.

If you have any questions regarding Business Watch or business crime in Warwickshire, please contact Alex Williams, the Business Crime Advisor at or 07920 814897

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