Netmetix listed as Microsoft top seller

A Coventry computer business which jumped on board with cloud technology before its all-encompassing rise has been listed as one of Microsoft’s top sellers in Europe.

Paul Blore and Sean Farnell

Netmetix, which was launched in 2001, has evolved over the years from an IT systems specialist to UK leaders in the world of cloud technology, aided along the way by Burgis & Bullock, who have assisted director Paul Blore and his team since day one.

The company, who saw an opportunity to evolve with the cloud technology market in 2010, have now been named as one of Europe’s Top 10 Microsoft Azure consultants and implementers by the IT giant.

Staff from Netmetix, which is based at Sycamore Court, travelled to Microsoft’s European HQ in Dublin to discuss plans for the future of the Azure network and how the two companies can continue to work together.

Netmetix Director Paul Blore said: “We have had a number of transformations over the years, from a Computer Aided Design (CAD) specialist to an IT systems specialist and then in 2010 we began seeing more and more about cloud technology and recognised the enormous opportunity it presented.

 “I think you can always look at any revolution in business as either the end of something or the start of something new.

“The team and I really felt this was going to take off in a big way so we began focusing on that and it has paid off.

“We now have customers across the globe and to be recognised by Microsoft as one of their top sellers is incredible, it just shows how far we have come after taking that chance.”

Netmetix began its relationship with cloud technology by creating its own infrastructure before teaming up with Microsoft.

The company ensures it maintains high standards among employees by giving quarterly exams in a variety of areas to improve their all-round knowledge of the technology industry.

Sean Farnell, partner at Burgis & Bullock, who has worked with Netmetix for a number of years, said: “They have set an incredibly high standard and crucially managed to move with the times when required.

“The choices Paul has made have really paid off and for the company to be recognised by Microsoft as one of the leading Azure specialists in Europe is a huge boost.”


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