Kids Company criticised after liquidation plans


Trustees of the well known charity Kids Company are being criticised in the press after the charity announced plans to go into liquidation this week.

Commentators are asking whether the governance and controls of the charity were sufficient. There will undoubtedly be more information on what exactly went wrong with the charity in the coming weeks but many are surprised at how a charity with £24m per annum turnover has found itself in this position.

Good governance is not a precise science and control environments can vary enormously so the news is likely to send a tremor through our trustee community. This is not the only high profile charity to find itself in difficulties and it emphasises again the need for all trustees to take an active interest in the risk review and finances of the charity they work with.

We have been hosting events considering the risks that charities face and some of the remedies that may assist in risk management. Our last session was run on 22nd July 2015 and the next one will be on 30th September 2015.

If you would like to attend a workshop please contact Jenny Frost or Andy Flynn on 0845 177 5500 or use our on-line contact form

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