HMRC “wall of shame”

Photographs of over 30 individuals, who were sentenced last year to a total of almost 156 years, have been published online for the first time by HM Revenue & Customs.

All but one of the thirty two named had evaded either VAT or excise duties rather than corporate or personal tax. This is interesting given the amount or recent publicity that has been given to those avoiding either personal or corporate tax, perfectly legally, by using complex arrangements involving international companies.

Those having their cases publicised include platinum traders, dealers in fake carbon credits, a garlic importer and a group carrying out a complicated carousel fraud who attempted to perpetrate of fraud worth £176 million.

The list has already received in excess of 500,000 hits since its publication.

The government is investing almost a billion pounds over four years to tackle tax evasion, avoidance and fraud, aiming to add £7bn a year to the Treasury’s takings by 2015.

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