HMRC resignations at four year high!

Staff are leaving HMRC in their highest numbers for four years, with nearly 1,700 employees leaving in the last 12 months, according to recent research.

A total of 1,697 staff resigned from HMRC in 2012-13, the highest number since 2008-9. This is 2.65% of the total staff. In the last couple of years, HMRC has lost significant numbers of staff. This latest increase in resignations is not good news for either HMRC or the taxpayesr, at a time when its effectiveness and quality of service are under intense scrutiny.’

Overall, by far the greatest losses were in personal tax which had 1,238 resignations.

The benefits and credits department also saw a substantial increase in staff departures, with 138 leaving in 2012/13, three times as many as the year before when 40 left.

It’s worrying to see such a large turnover of staff dealing with personal tax as this will have an impact on those taxpayers who are often the most in need of guidance to ensure they get their tax affairs right. In addition, with all the changes going on in the benefits and tax credits system, the fact that HMRC is losing these staff in such numbers just when people need advice the most is not very reassuring.

HMRC have previously run advertising campaigns with the tag line “Tax shouldn’t be taxing” but clearly this isn’t the case for large numbers of their officers. At Burgis & Bullock, we have an experienced team of Tax and Business advisers who are able to assist in all business and financial matters and help keep the stress out of your business. Call us to day on 0845 177 5500 or contact us on-line for a free chat.

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