Business Mastermind Group Experience

Discover for yourself what it’s like to meet with industry experts and growth specialists to work ‘on’ and grow your business.

About this Event

Discover first hand what it’s like to meet with like-minded business owners, industry experts and expert facilitators to help you achieve your goals.

More specifically the groups will:

Help you solve problems – all business problems have been identified and solved at some time in the past. Gather an expert group and you’ll find the skillset to identify and solve most day to day challenges. Access to other business groups via Burgis & Bullock will find solutions to the most difficult issues experienced by members.

Create a system for your business – a systemised business is one that has significant additional value. The owner runs the business and not the other way round. Why do most businesses struggle at this? Because it is not part of the technical work of the business – it’s the business of the technical work. For most entrepreneurs, it is not the most exciting activity – however, lasting value and real freedom of choice exist once you’ve got a systemised business.

A friend to call on – Running a business can be a lonely place – so caring, sharing and daring with friends will significantly improve your sense of purpose and passion for your business.

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