Eight-week intensive business mastermind group launched for 2022

Burgis & Bullock will deliver a fully-funded eight week intensive business mastermind group to help businesses navigate the challenges that the New Year is set to bring.

Burgis & Bullock will be helping SME businesses in Warwickshire to tackle the significant challenges they will face in 2022 through the programme.

The programme is fully-funded by the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP) Growth Hub and will see businesses come together to discuss the challenges they face and share knowledge to overcome them.

Businesses will be given the opportunity to join one of three groups set up by Burgis & Bullock, with sessions being delivered via Zoom and the first group starting on Tuesday, January 11.

More than 15 businesses have already signed up for the programme, with space for a total of 33 businesses. To join, businesses must be based in Warwickshire, have been operating for at least one year, have a turnover of at least £100,000 and have an aspiration to improve their business.

Expert coaches will also deliver one-to-one support as part of the initiative to help guide and advise business owners and senior managers on the actions they can take to grow and develop their organisations.

Research carried out by Burgis & Bullock with local businesses has shown that 100 per cent of business owners believe they and their team can learn from others, while 62 per cent of business owners want to engage their team in improving performance and 56 per cent of business owners want support with a specific challenge.

Sean Farnell, Partner at Burgis & Bullock, said: “Businesses that seek external advice or undertake formal training are more likely to improve their overall performance, but many prefer to take advice from trusted sources, such as their peers, when presented with external challenges and opportunities.

“These sessions are short, focussed by the businesses taking part, and facilitated by experienced coaches and entrepreneurs.

“The last year has been incredibly difficult for businesses and there are certainly significant challenges on the horizon. We believe being part of a strong community of like-minded businesses will be essential in aiding business recovery in 2022.

“The programme is designed to help businesses overcome challenges and act on new opportunities. This is achieved by building a trusted support network of connections, with the end goal of improving long-term personal and business performance.

“We hope that these mastermind sessions will make a positive impact and a real difference on the local economy by helping business owners and senior managers to run more sustainable and profitable businesses.”

Applications are open for the final group of businesses on the eight-week programme until Thursday, January 20 – with a start date for the group on January 27.

To find out more and reserve a place on the programme visit https://www.bb-bmg.uk/8-week-challenge-register/

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