You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know – Unfortunately What You Don’t Know Can Really Hurt You

As an Entrepreneur, running your own business can be exciting and lucrative.  However, mistakes can have disastrous consequences, which is why more businesses fail than succeed.  Who can entrepreneurs turn to for help?

When Midlands accountants, Burgis & Bullock discovered business failures were normally due to a lack of management training or expertise, they took decisive action to help businesses address the causes of failure.

The Business Mastermind Group at a recent meeting
The Business Mastermind Group at a recent meeting

Bringing together a group of hand picked busienss specialists, each expert in their field, Burgis & Bullock have assembled an invaluable pool of expertise to help busienss owners increase sales and profits, and create more employment opportunities for the local community.

Finance, HR, Online Marketing, Insurance, Telecoms, Video, Virtual Office, IT, H&S, Customer Service, Staff Engagement, Legal, GDPR, Cyber or Busienss Growth, Burgis & Bullock’s Businesses Mastermind Group can provide all the help, guidance and advice clients and the wider busienss community need to thrive and prosper

As well as educational events on critical topics; Internet Marketing, Staff Engagement, cyber Security, Client Engagement, Finance, GDPR, and Busienss continuity, the Busienss Mastermind Group help business owners identify risk and opportunities to make savings, and then connect them to the experts best able to assist.

Sean Farnell, partner at Burgis & Bullock, comments: “The Business Mastermind Group meetings have been an eye opener and feedback from the events has been fantastic, but what has most amazed me is how the collective expertise of the group can be harnessed to help our clients find more success and avoid unnecessary risk.”

“We have only just started to scratch the surface, but the scope to help clients and the wider business community is totally off the scale.  Every business we have analysed to date is sitting on a pile of untapped opportunity in areas such as staff and client engagement and improved financial insight and controls…”

“Working as a group, we are helping clients identify and understand where they can improve, and more important, the group has all the skills needed to deliver change a real impact to the bottom line.”

With a 130 year history, Burgis & Bullock, has offices in Leamington Spa, Nuneaton, Leicester, Rugby and London, boasts a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience from Business start-up and owner-managed businesses through to national charities and international groups.

Steve Darnell, managing director at Enquire3, based in Oxfordshire, said: “It is a privilege and a pleasure to work with such an inspiring firm of accountants, Burgis & Bullock really do ‘walk the talk’.  What they are setting out to achieve is truly inspirational and we are very proud to be helping make their vision a reality”.


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