Can a company director hide their personal details?

Forensic Expert Touching FRAUD PREVENTION

Identity fraud is an increasing worry for everyone but a spate of recent cases has highlighted that criminals are taking data from Companies House and using it to order goods online. In some cases the directors are facing intimidation and violence at home as a result of having their personal details publicly available.

According to research by fraud prevention organisation Cifas, company directors are twice as likely to be targeted by fraudsters and represent one in five of all fraud cases.

Good news however is that the government has recently announced new laws to help protect company directors from identity fraud and personal harm by permitting them to remove their personal address from Companies House.

Under the new laws, directors will be able to replace their personal addresses with an alternative one, like a company address, where they can be contacted to ensure companies continue to meet their legal requirements.

The new laws, which some in to force in the Summer, will also ensure transparency in legal information as public authorities such as the police, the insolvency service and the pension regulator will still be able to access directors’ information, such as their personal address directly from the Registrar.

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