What the Business Mastermind Group means to me – Steve Darnell and David Mack

At the Business Mastermind Group, we place a huge emphasis on quality control and offering practical, real world advice and training.

 We want to make sure that what you get from our meetings is applicable to day to day working life and comes from people who have relevant experience.

 These factors set us apart from the crowd and by sticking to these values we ensure that our offer is a strong as possible.


How can the Business Mastermind Group help me?

Steve Darnell, Managing Director, Enquir3: “As one of the organisers behind the Business Mastermind Group, I have helped shape what it has become since its inception.

“Myself, Sean and David are all focused on creating tangible results for group members and we have set this as a standard for the group since day one.

“Our members are independently vetted to ensure quality control, so we know that only elite members of their respective industry attend.

“We want people to bring a different level of thinking to the table.”


David Mack, Your Growth Partner: “As well as providing high level advice, we have a strong focus on discipline.

“Procrastination is not an excuse for not reaching your goals and we are happy to call people out on that in a constructive manner.

“We want to be accountable and focused on the goals we set ourselves.

“I know that a lot of businesses have benefitted from this unique approach.”


Sharing and Support


David Mack: “Progress is not made when you are stuck in your comfort zone.

“As Albert Einstein said ‘we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them’ – the Mastermind Group provides this different level of thinking.

“We offer a sharing and supportive environment for members to share their problems, safe in the knowledge that someone will have gone through something similar and found a solution.”


Steve Darnell: “We offer practical, real world business and management training for SME Owner Managers, so there has to be a level of sharing and support involved at every level.

“We support each other to become better not just for the good of our respective businesses but for ourselves.”


The next Business Mastermind Group session will be held at Burgis & Bullock’s Waterloo Place office in Leamington on July 18th from 1pm.


For more information, visit: https://www.bb-bmg.uk/

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