Business Mastermind Group case study: Joy May, CEO/Founder, Absolute Works

Since its launch, the Business Mastermind Group has achieved some fantastic success stories.  

The group has helped members, inspired attendees to take their businesses to the next level, and to implement processes they had previously not considered. 

Joy May, CEO/Founder of Absolute Works, has been a member for more than two years and has discussed the impact the group has had on expanding her contacts.


The business: Absolute Works was founded in 2011 and supports SMEs with outsourced HR and employment advice. The company also provides outsourced payroll, health and safety and recruitment. They are also an approved Independent Apprenticeship Provider and work with both Levy and Non-Levy businesses, offering a range of apprenticeships which includes, team leader, business administration and customer service.

Why did you join the Business Mastermind Group?

Joy said: “We thought it would be good to be part of a group with likeminded individuals and people who run their own businesses.

“It was also an opportunity to network and actually support the growth of our business by utilising the skillsets of other members of the groups.”


How has the group affected you and your business?

“We have definitely seen an impact on our business since joining the group. In terms of procurement, we now use the services of some the colleagues we have met in the group and   vice-versa.

“We all have different strengths in the group, different knowledge and different skills. That has been really helpful. If any of us need further information on something, there is usually someone that can provide that.

“The group members have also introduced me to other businesses they know as well. It’s really good for our contacts in the region.”


How will the group help your business take the next step?

“The skills we can access here in the group will definitely help us as we continue to grow.”


Why is the group so effective?

 “I think there is a real mixture of things that make the group effective. First of all, you have the networking aspect which works really well and the group individuals and their skills, knowledge and expertise and those   individuals who lead the group.

“For example, David Mack delivers meaningful coaching and training sessions across a variety of subjects.


 Why would you encourage others to join?

“There is a great support network within the Business Mastermind Group. It’s a great opportunity for networking and you receive training and development as well.

“It’s great knowing that when we refer other members of the group to our contacts that we can rely on those members to do a great job for our contacts.


The Business Mastermind Group was launched in November 2017 by accountancy firm Burgis & Bullock, bringing together professionals, business owners and leaders from a wide range of sectors for presentations, and discussions and clear action planning on how they can improve their business as well as making contacts that would be mutually beneficial.



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