Business Mastermind Group Case Study: Gerard Duggan, Utilitrack


Since its launch, the Business Mastermind Group has achieved some fantastic success stories.  

The group has helped members, inspired attendees to take their businesses to the next level, and to implement processes they had previously not considered. 

Gerard Duggan, Director at Utilitrack, has been a member for more than two years and has discussed the impact the group has had on his business.

The business: Utilitrack is a leading commercial energy broker and has partnerships with most of the UK’s leading utility providers. “We know businesses don’t consistently get the best deal in a confusing energy market. So, by simplifying which supplier to choose through our free comparison service, we help them save time and money.”


Why did you join the Business Mastermind Group?

Gerard said: “I met a couple of people that were already in the group and they spoke highly of the whole process and though it would be useful for me to do.

“I came along to a taster session, liked what I saw and signed up pretty quickly after that.”


How has the group affected you and your business?

“It’s given me a chance to get away from the office, to have time to reflect, especially when you are busy every day.

“It has given me the opportunity to work on my business by taking me out of the day to day once a month. The group has been a useful sounding board for me when I’ve had challenges and issues to discuss. The sort of challenges and issues I’ve no one else to talk to about other than myself!

“The group has reinforced my belief in self-improvement through reading and listening to the materials that have been recommended from our discussions and as a consequence of the groups’ facilitation by David Mack.

“The first part of each meeting is a “check-In” that gives us all an opportunity to benchmark our own ‘score out of 10’ of how we are feeling personally and in business. It’s a good opportunity to reflect on how I am feeling with practical support offered where needed.”


How will the group help your business take the next step?

“It’s already helped us in the way we describe our business and what we do. One of the things we took away was some interviews we did with Steve Darnell’s company Enquir3, which gave us an interesting insight into what we gave to our customers.

“The group has certainly added value and I guess that will be realised further down the line. But fair to say the one-page plan that Sean Farnell prescribed we use to measure our forward looking KPIs is something I review each week and measure the value of what I think the business is worth.”


Why is the group so effective?

“The comradery is a big factor. It’s led well by David Mack, facilitated really well by Sean Farnell from Burgis & Bullock and we get some really good insights into how we should be looking into our business as a result of that.”


What would you encourage others to join?

“I’d certainly encourage people to come along and have a look. Come to a taster session, talk to some of the members that have been in the group for at least six months.

“After six months they will have had the chance during that time to reflect on how it had an impact on that business.

“I have actually done some new business as a result of the contacts made here too, that we wouldn’t have got if we hadn’t been part of the group.

“I can’t see it not working for businesses.”


The Business Mastermind Group was launched in November 2017 by accountancy firm Burgis & Bullock, bringing together professionals, business owners and leaders from a wide range of sectors for presentations, and discussions and clear action planning on how they can improve their business as well as making contacts that would be mutually beneficial.





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