Burgis & Bullock offers FREE forecasting and planning service for business recovery after Covid-19

Burgis & Bullock is helping businesses plan for life after Covid-19 with free forecasting and planning.

The firm is offering the service to assist local businesses in ensuring their finances and operations are prepared for recovery.

The free forecasting and planning briefings are being delivered online and have been a hit so far, with around 35 businesses attending the first three sessions.

Business experts will provide free guidance on preparing a business plan during the sessions, which last 90 minutes

As part of the package, Burgis & Bullock is also offering free-of-charge access to tools to assist with forecasting, loan applications, cost saving and identifying growth opportunities.

Sean Farnell, Partner at Burgis & Bullock, said: “We’re passionate about business, the local economy and the wellbeing of our friends and neighbours, and see it as our duty to do everything we can to help.

“If a single business comes away from the initiative in better shape than when they signed-up that will be a success for us.

“Now, more than ever, it’s vital that businesses have a strong and robust business plan. A plan that is regularly revised when new information comes to light, which is the case each week of late with new government announcements.

“We will be able to advise on funding options available and recovery plans, including how to secure existing customers while acquiring new ones.

“We’ve had an excellent response so far from businesses, and there is a clear demand for a service such as this as we prepare for the ‘new normal’ following the Covid-19 crisis.

“We’re not asking for anything in return, it’s a no-strings-attached offer, to lend a helping hand to businesses in Warwickshire and the wider region.”

Places are limited and on a strictly first come first served basis. If businesses are interested in attending the virtual sessions, they can sign-up by clicking here.

To find out more about Burgis & Bullock and how the firm can help your business plan for the future, visit bandb.irunwp1.co.uk

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