Our Promise To

Our promise: Agreed fees – and no surprises!

One of the most frequent complaints made against accountancy firms by clients is not being made aware, in advance, of the fees to be charged. And there’s nothing like an unexpected fee note to sour a relationship!

That’s why, when it comes to fees, you’ll find Burgis & Bullock are completely transparent. Most work is covered by our Fair Fee Policy and the Burgis & Bullock ‘No Surprise’ Guarantee means you can rely on the quote we give you – 100%. What’s more, there are a variety of payment methods available including direct debit, credit card or standing order options to help you manage your cashflow better.

And no charges for phone calls or meetings
You’ve probably been charged for time spent on the phone or in meetings by other firms – and that can be infuriating, especially when you are trying to manage your budget carefully. There’s nothing worse than knowing the clock is ticking when you want a simple piece of advice. That’s why you get unlimited access to the entire team at Burgis & Bullock – at any time – for general advice and information without any additional charge.

Our promise: If you want to speak to us, you will.

Another bug-bear of accountants’ clients is the availability of the partner in charge of your account. Unlike many firms, it seems, you’ll find Burgis & Bullock welcome every opportunity to talk to you. After all if you’ve taken the time to call you’ve probably got something on your mind.

If you need to talk, we want to listen. It really is that simple.

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